Sunchase offers the best service in all aspects of property management:

  • Maintenance
  • Budgeting
  • Financial reporting, planning, analysis and accounting
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Leasing services
  • Training
  • Ancillary income planning and execution
  • Renovation

Marketing, Leasing & Acquisition Services

Our on-site teams understand the value of local marketing and are trained to be experts on bringing traffic to each property. Every Sunchase team member is customer-service oriented and as a result, marketing efforts continue as we offer resident events and services.

Also, when it is time to refinance, transfer, sell a specific property or purchase a new one, owners can rely on the Sunchase team to meet their objective. Our team can assist owners with due diligence, closing details and all matters related to the financial re-positioning, sale or purchase of property.

Risk Management

With Sunchase, successful risk management is practiced on every level. Each on-site team member is aware of the environmental, industrial and natural risks related to the locations of their properties. Also, all personnel are trained in procedures that minimize exposure to liability.

Financial Services/Accounting

From the initial assumption of management responsibilities, Sunchase accounting personnel produce quality, accurate and timely financial reports. Our reports are tailored to meet each specific need, from current financial/occupancy trends to utility cost analysis. Sunchase has defined high standards for accurate and efficient financial management and reporting for more than twenty years. The result has been improved financial performance and increased value for the property owners.

Construction Services—Rehabilitation & Capital Improvements

Whether rehabilitating an older property or simply managing a renovation, our experience gets the job done economically, efficiently and professionally. We have experience in dealing with legal issues and documentation, as well as relationships with both local and national contractors. As a full-service management company, Sunchase is prepared to immediately assume the operations of a property and continue to improve its performance.

As a full-service management company, Sunchase American is prepared to assume management and leasing operations at the onset of the project in order to ensure continued successful leasing.